Dr. Anna Miller Blaine, Minnesota Chiropractor

Hi, I’m Dr Miller. I specialize in pediatric, pregnancy and women’s care. I would be happy to be a part of your healthcare team whether you’re 2 minutes old, or 98 years old. I am an advocate for routine, wellness care that helps your body function and feel its best. I love educating my patients and working with other medical professionals. Whatever stage of life you’re at, feel free to allow me to help you reach your family’s goals.

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Why am I qualified to be your chiropractor?

I have worked with families all my life.

Throughout my childhood, my family did respite care for underprivileged youth. I also taught the children’s ministry at my church. In college, I spent a semester teaching kindergarteners Spanish, a few years being a tutor to middle schoolers, and continue to serve at the food shelter. All these experiences spurred along my passion for working alongside the community to bring about the best version of themselves in mind, body, & spirit.

I did multiple internships and have worked alongside esteemed doctors that are experts in the field.

I have gained extensive knowledge in various adjustment techniques, nutrition, and health topics. I yearn for new learning opportunities and applying “what you know” in daily life. I am also Webster certified, which is a technique that helps balance the pelvis in pregnant moms to have a better pregnancy and labor experience.

I received my bachelor’s in Allied Health Sciences with a minor in Health promotion from UW Whitewater, and my doctorate from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Webster certification
Nutrition certification
Cranial sacral therapy certification
BirthFit training


Chiropractic Hours:

Monday: 7-12 and 1-6
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 1-6
Thursday: 7-noon
Friday: 7-12 and 1-6

More about Dr. Anna

I am from Madison Wisconsin, and currently reside in Minneapolis. Outside of the office, you can find me exploring new coffee shops, vacation spots, and spending time with my husband and our cat.