chiropractic x rays

Digital X-Ray

Club West Chiropractic in Blaine, MN uses a state of the art digital x-ray machine as a diagnostic tool. X-rays allow the doctor to see what is going on inside your body. With this tool, along with complete orthopedic exams, neurological exams, physical exams and EMG/Thermal scans our doctors are confident in their detection, diagnosis, and treatment of spinal conditions. Depending on the findings, or if diagnostics are unclear, Dr. Ally Bergh or Dr. Ryan Waddell may refer out for an MRI or CT Scan to answer any unclear or unanswered diagnostic questions. These advanced images will help the doctor understand your case, and will aid in your treatment and healing. Club West Chiropractic in Blaine, MN offers chiropractic adjustments and start of the art chiropractic diagnostics such as digital x-ray. Give us a call at (763) 400-4940 or stop by to schedule your complimentary consultation.