Massage Therapy In Blaine MN

We are now offering Massage therapy to patients here at Club West Chiropractic. Massage therapy offers much more than just the feeling of relaxation. One of our main focuses at Club West Chiropractic is to keep our patients in great health. Starting the first of the year, we will offer several types of massage therapy, including; prenatal massage, leg & foot massage, baby massage for gas pain & discomfort and graston. If you would like to improve your health, we encourage you to stop on in and try out a massage for the first time.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Improve Sleep

  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Alleviate Depression & Anxiety
  • Enhance Immunity

Prenatal Massage

As your body adapts to make space for your growing baby physical changes take place. These changes can result in tight muscles, sore joints, leg cramping, sciatica, headaches, round ligament pain, and more. At Club West Chiropractic we have state of the art equipment and trained therapists that help alleviate these conditions and offer a relaxing experience. With our breakaway belly tables and pillow placement we offer a prenatal massage while you lay face down comfortably.

Our therapists are medically trained in massage and stretching techniques such as active release technique, progressive muscle relaxation techniques, deep tissue trigger point therapy, and more. These techniques are different than most massage therapy clinics. These techniques help lengthen the muscle and smooth out trigger points so full range of motion can be restored. As range of motion returns, pain decreases, and normal activities of daily living become more care free. The techniques used in our clinic are safe for pre and post-natal patients.

Some insurance companies, health savings accounts (HAS) and flex spending accounts (FSA) will cover massage therapy when ordered by a physician. Club West Chiropractic physicians of Blaine, MN help to make sure you maximize your insurance benefits. Our staff will run your insurance benefits prior to your massage and will explain your benefits to you in detail. Please keep in mind, as our staff explains your benefits, no benefits are 100% guaranteed until the claims are processed. If you want to know 100% you will have to call and verify with your insurance company for your own understanding.

  • 30 Minutes – $50.00
  • 60 Minutes – $100.00
  • 90 Minutes – $140.00

Leg & Foot Massage

Let’s face it, pregnancy is hard on our bodies! In particular the legs and feet are carrying all the baby weight ALL the time. A little TLC for our glutes and calves goes a long way! At Club West Chiropractic we offer just what you are looking for! You are fully clothed though the entire massage. You get undressed enough at OB visits, so we try to keep you comfortable and just ask you wear shorts or loose sweat pants. You start lying face down on a breakaway belly table. It’s a position you’ve been missing for months! It feels so good to lay on your belly with no pressure on baby.

The traction on the lower back gaps the joints and stretches the back muscles as you receive a glute and hamstring massage. Then you transition into a massage chair, we apply warm towels to your lower legs, and we roll out the front of your thighs. Last but not least, you stay seated for a calf and foot massage focusing on trigger points in the lower legs. These sessions are 30 minutes long.
Price: $60

Baby Massage For Gas Pain & Discomfot

The first few months of life are hard for baby to adjust to the outer world. For nine months baby has been living off the direct bloodline of the mother. Once the baby is born, he/she must digest his/her own proteins from milk. It takes the babies digestive tract a little bit of time to learn how to do this. In the meantime, baby can suffer from gas, constipation, and colic. If your baby has very frequent bowel movements, infrequent bowel movements, or labored bowel movements baby abdominal massage is right for your baby.

If your baby is shrieking in the middle of the night with gas pain or having trouble winding down at night due to discomfort, abdominal massage can help move things along. Our massage therapists are trained to work on infants days old all the way into the toddler years. These sessions are typically 10-20 minutes based on the cooperation of the child. Feel free to stay and nurse/feed your baby afterwards. You may also need to do a diaper change as most children will go shortly after the session or even during. 😊
Price: $38

Graston- Therapeutic Ultrasound For Sports Injuries

This technique is very intense and designed to release chronic trigger points that cause tendonitis, muscle spasm, and sprain/strains from over use. This is focused treatment and is not generalized. The area of complaint will be addressed first and foremost and then the technician will scan the whole kinetic chain for other muscles affected by the injury. There are usually secondary and tertiary injuries caused from compensating for chronic trigger points. You may not be aware of these other affected areas, but our therapists and technicians are trained to pinpoint and treat the whole body as it responds to the trigger point injury.

With this type of treatment, you can expect to get lasting results as we are allowing your body to regain range of motion by releasing all the trigger points above and below the injury. With the help of ultrasound therapy, sound waves are forced into the tissue as the technician grinds out old scar tissue. The sound waves apply a deep heat to the area which increases blood flow and helps your body rapidly lay down new healthy tissue in place of the scar tissue where the trigger point used to be.

Who should get this treatment? This treatment is ideal for runners, skaters, gymnasts, and all other athletes with recurring limb pain, tendonitis, sprain/strains, and more. This treatment is 20 minutes.
Price: $50

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