RockTape is the brand of kinesiotape used at Club West Chiropractic in Blaine, MN. RockTape is used therapeutically to speed up the healing process, and decrease pain and inflammation caused by trauma.

RockTape can also be used to improve posture, sports performance and endurance. To buy RockTape at a discounted rate please call us at (763) 400-4940 or stop by our Blaine, MN office.

To learn more about RockTape and chiropractic adjustments, schedule a Complimentary Consultation!* online or give us a call.

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How does RockTape decrease pain and inflammation?

Fascia is a layer of fibrous connective tissues that surrounds muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues. Fascia serves to protect blood vessels and nerves as they run though the muscles; It also allows seamless gliding of muscle groups as we move around. When there is an injury such as an ankle sprain/strain the muscles, ligament, and tendons, which are all surrounded by fascia can become damaged and inflamed. Inflammation prevents seamless gliding of muscles, decreases function, and increases pain. RockTape separates and lifts the fascia off of the damaged tissue, allowing the lymphatic system to drain the inflammation, which decreases pain and improves function. After the inflammation has decreased the tissue can start to heal.

How does RockTape improve your posture?

There are mechanoreceptors in your skin, fascia, and muscles that send sensory information to your brain. When there is something touching you, putting pressure on you, or vibrating, the mechanoreceptors send that information up to your brain. That is how you know what is going on around you, so you can react properly. When you are being pinched, your brain receives that information and then you move away from the harmful stimuli. We use the same concept with RockTape. Our Blaine chiropractors tape you in the proper position, and when you move out of that position your machanoreceptors tell your brain. This allows you to be more aware of your posture. The same phenomenon can be used to enhance sport performance and endurance.