Chiropractic Helps Reduce High Blood Pressure

Chiropractic has been proven to lower blood pressure. Check out the study below.

Click here to watch a YouTube video from CBS News about lowering your blood pressure naturally, through chiropractic adjustments.

A double blind, placebo controlled study called “Atlas vertebra realignment and achievement of arterial pressure goal in hypertensive patients: a pilot study” was published in the Journal of Human Hypertension in 2007.

Study Re-Cap

With careful detection and diagnostic tools such as bilateral foot scales and x-rays, vertebral subluxation were diagnosed in those also diagnosed with high blood pressure. The science behind the association is this: The vertebrae in the spine slip out of alignment (subluxate) putting pressure on the nerves and blood vessels, possibly causing blood pressure to increase. Chiropractors go to school for many many years to learn how to diagnose and treat vertebral subluxation, a likely culprit for high blood pressure.

The results of the study were astonishing

After a single specific chiropractic adjustment, systolic blood pressure dropped in some patients as much as 17 mmHg and the results lasted for over 8 weeks!