Physical Therapy In Blaine MN

At Club West Chiropractic we get great results in regards to physical therapy in Blaine MN. Through different exercises, we will work with you to get you feeling better so you can go about your normal day.

Our chiropractors care about your health and that’s why we want to sit down with you through a free consultation and develop a personalized treatment plan that works for you. One of the main reasons our clients feel better through our physical therapy treatment is because we not only perform specific exercises on them but we teach them exercises they can do at home as well.

Specific exercises that we send you home with can help improve treatment by up to 40%. Together, we can enhance the treatment process, maintain healthy results, and reduce the chances of any future problems.

Exercises for Physical Therapy In Blaine MN

Physical therapy is the treatment of injury or disease by physical methods rather than drugs or surgery. By performing proper stretches and chiropractic adjustments we can relief pain and help restore physical function in our patients.

As we mentioned before, there are many different common exercises you can do at home to enhance the physical therapy treatment process. These exercise include low back stretches, low back exercises, neck stretches, neck exercises and shoulder exercises. For more information on these general stretches and exercises check out our physical rehabilitation page. Please don’t try any exercise on your own unless someone has properly demonstrated them to you. That last thing we want is for you to hurt yourself even more.

Keep in mind that these stretches alone are not enough to get you back to 100% but may be a short term solution. We still highly recommend contacting us to get professional physical therapy in Blaine MN. We can start treating you through an individualized treatment plan and get you feeling better. Through our treatment process we can relieve pain and restore physical activity. Don’t live in pain any longer, give us a call or schedule an appointment online to receive your free consultation with us.