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Meet Dr. Ally- Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Reiki Master

Dr. Ally is not accepting new clients at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience. She will update once she is accepting new clients again. Thank you for understanding.

Dr. Ally, founder of Club West Chiropractic, began her spiritual journey after finding her biological father at 29 years old. She was adopted at birth and the desire to find her roots grew after having her first child. Her biological father didn’t know she existed but opened his heart and opened her eyes to the spiritual world. Since then, she has become a Reiki Master and her goal/vision is to meet clients where they are along their spiritual journey offering guidance and healing along the way. Her hope and wish is that all her clients go onto learn the healing power of Reiki for themselves. She teaches Reiki classes and through the attunement, clients can become aware of the power they have within, to heal themselves.

Learn more about Dr. Ally and her spiritual journey by listing to the audio interview and watching the video of meeting her biological father for the first time.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki/Energy Healing is a form of alternative healing that goes hand in hand with chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. All these treatments are hands on, but reiki is a little different. Reiki is a type energetic healing that induces deep relaxation and promotes self-healing. Everything is energy and energy travels in waves though vibration. These waves naturally want to sync up. Just like when you hear a beat you start bobbing your head to the beat. So essentially during a reiki session your brain waves slow down, your energetic body opens and aligns with the divine/infinite loving frequency of your higher self/most authentic self. When you connect with your higher self you are able to live with a sense of purpose, connection, peace, wellbeing, gratitude, and love for all life.

So how does reiki work?

There are energy centers in the body. These energy centers are known as the chakras. The energy centers run along the midline, from the brain and along the spinal cord. This is where the densest neurological activity happens in the human body. There are other neurological pathways and energy centers that run from the midline into other areas in the body as well. Reiki is a lot like acupuncture; the meridians (energy pathways) and Qi (life force energy). Based on symptoms we identify where the blockages are, put a needle into certain points along the meridian, clear the blockage which allows the body to heal itself. Reiki is a lot like chiropractic too. Chiropractors diagnose blockages along the spine that compress certain nerves, apply pressure to these areas and restore the nerve flow in the body, ultimately healing the pain associated with the blockage. Reiki is the exact same theory, but instead of the physical body we are connecting with the energetic body (the soul). By using certain hand placements your reiki practitioner will energetically unlock, unblock, and restore the natural flow of energy in the body’s energy centers. When the life force energy flows freely through the body we can perform with optimal consciousness. We are able to… think more clearly, process emotion more rationally, open up and connect with others more easily, heal chronic injuries/conditions/emotional traumas, and much more.

How do we practice Reiki?

Reiki can be performed using certain hand placements in certain energy centers either on the body or in the aura. If you have a preference, please discuss this with your practitioner so you can be as comfortable as possible during your session. Dr. Ally does all her sessions and reiki healing in the aura; she does not place hands on the body.

Distance Reiki

We also offer distance reiki healing sessions. Distance reiki can be done during a scheduled time. During this time, we ask to you to prepare you space so you will not be interrupted. Set the mood with music that relaxes you, lay down in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Your reiki practitioner will perform the session just as she would if you were laying right there on her table. Distance reiki is just as potent and healing as hands on and is an option for critically ill patients that are dying, in a coma, or unconscious. It can also be used for those that prefer their own space, those that have no means to travel to our clinic, or those that are too sick to come in.

Reiki Classes In Blaine MN:

Reiki is the gateway, the key to the universe, and the portal to all that is. Reiki is energy, reiki is light, reiki is life. Reiki doesn’t choose “good people” it is not something to work towards or only for the elite. It is inside all living things. The difference between someone who can use the healing powers of reiki and someone unable to use it is conscious awareness. Once you are aware of the healing power of reiki you are able to use it to connect with your higher most authentic self. Though this connection to infinite divine love you can heal past traumas on your own and help guide others to do the same.

A reiki master who is trained in teaching reiki and delivering the attunements will open the eyes of those who receive the attunement. An attunement clears restrictions and allows the free flow of conscious awareness that resides inside every human being. The awareness that we are more than the body. We are more than the mind. We are loving awareness. Loving awareness is another name for soul, which is what you really are. The soul is limitless unlike the body and mind which casts boundaries and restrictions upon our soul if we allow it to.
Stay tuned- We will let you know when we start offer reiki classes.