Wellness Tips from Club West Chiropractic in Blaine, MN

Changing the way you think about food will change your life!

  • Eat at home/Cook your food

When you cook your food you know exactly what you are putting into your body. When you go out to eat or eat fast food you have no idea what you are getting. More often than not you are getting very poor quality food with way too much salt sugar, and chemicals.

  • Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store

As you get into the middle isles you will see more processed food full of salt, sugar, and chemicals; so avoid the middle isles if at all possible.

  • Try to buy food with less than 5 ingredients

More is not better! When you make a simple loaf of bread at home there are four ingredients. When you buy a loaf of bread at the store it is hard to find one that does not have 25 ingredients. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient or have never heard of it then why would you risk putting it into your body? Most food has been taken over by toxic chemicals that are hurting our bodies.

  • Avoid buying foods with health claims

Healthy foods don’t have health claims. When was the last time you saw an apple with a big sticker that said “fat free product.” An apple is indeed fat free, but where is the claim? Health claims are paid advertisements and are meant to catch your eye. If there is a health claim, chances are it is an unhealthy choice. Fat free does not mean that there are less calories. If a product states that it is fat free then the taste is made up somewhere else, usually sugar. So if there is a health claim, look at the label. If it is low in one area it is probably high in another. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

  • Avoid drinking sugary beverages

Pop and fruit juices are full of sugar and sodium. They are also full of dyes and chemicals. There is nothing good about sugary beverages. If you want your daily intake of vitamin C, juice is not the answer. Taking a vitamin C supplement will give you higher doses and you can avoid all the sugar. Water is obviously the best choice; so many of us are already dehydrated.

  • Don’t do other activities while you eat

Often times when you are doing other activities like watching tv, reading, or working while you eat, you aren’t thinking about how much you have already eaten. That makes it easier to over consume.

  • Avoid eating fast food, processed food, and eat more green leafy vegetables

“Eat real food, Not too much, Mostly plants.” — Michael Pollen