Even though our Chiropractors are certified in Graston, we currently do not provide this service for our clients.

Graston is a new patented technique used to break down adhesions and scar tissue from past injuries. The theory behind graston is this: once you endure an injury it heals from the outside in, most often leaving the middle of the injury as a scar. The size of the residual scar tissue depends on the severity of the injury. When you get a paper cut, your body has the capacity to heal itself with no scar. If you step on a nail and it goes through your foot, you will most likely end up with a scar. Injuries can happen to your skin leaving a visible scar, and they can also happen underneath the skin. These scars aren’t visible but they do exist and they are weaker than uninjured tissue.

Scar tissue is 20% weaker than healthy tissue, and is a source of re-injury. It is very important for young active individuals to seek chiropractic care after an injury to prevent excessive scar tissue.

This technique is most often used for:

  • post surgical patients
  • patients involved in sports injuries
  • patients involved in trauma related accidents
  • patients diagnosed with carpal tunnel
  • young individuals
  • and more

Our Blaine chiropractors at Club West Chiropractic are level one Graston certified; however, we currently do not offer this service. If you would liek to find out some other ways in which we can treat you for past injuries please contact us today. Give us a call today at (763) 400-4940 or stop by our Blaine, MN office, to book your complimentary consultation.