Geriatric Chiropractic

It is not too late to get chiropractic care. Many older patients think that chiropractic care is harmful, or they are too old to receive chiropractic care. This is a misconception; chiropractic is beneficial for all age groups including the geriatric population.

At Club West Chiropractic our providers are trained in providing gentle treatment plans that are customized to each patient’s needs. Things like osteoporosis, cancer, other conditions, as well as medications taken (blood thinners for example), are all taken into consideration. Your chiropractor will address age related musculoskeletal concerns and help you decrease your pain, improve your mobility, and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Mobility is life. If you are unable to move, your quality of life is decreased. If you are unable to do the things you love because of pain or lack of mobility or strength, give Club West Chiropractic in Blaine, MN a call. We can help you reach your wellness goals and get you stronger and moving better!
At Club West Chiropractic we offer non-invasive, preventative, integrated health care services. You will receive well rounded care based on your needs. We offer services such as chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, and more.