How To Sit Properly

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How To Sit Properly Your sitting posture is important for the health of your entire body. If you are not sitting in the correct way, it can put too much stress on your postural muscles, and it can also have a significant effect on a wide range of joints throughout the ... Read More
March 19, 2019clubwest


Can chiropractic help my sleep apnea? Sleep disorders are a significant problem for many Americans. A lack of sleep can have an effect on your mental wellbeing and your overall health, so it is important to get sleep issues addressed as soon as possible. Sleep apnea happens to be one of the ... Read More
February 20, 2019clubwest


Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D? The majority of our Vitamin D must be manufactured by our bodies with the help of sunlight. Living in Minnesota most of us do not receive enough exposure to the sun and are usually deficient in Vitamin D; thus requiring supplementation. Functions of Vitamin D include: ... Read More
October 8, 2018clubwest


How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Your Sinuses Sinus problems are very common, and they can make a person’s life miserable when they are in the middle of a sinus-related issue. For some people, the problems are only occasional, but there are many people that have recurring sinus issues. For people that ... Read More
July 25, 2018clubwest


How Smoking May Lead To Low Back Pain Everybody knows that smoking is bad for your health. We know that it can increase your risk of heart disease, it can lead to respiratory conditions and that it can increase your risk of cancer. One thing that many people do not know ... Read More
June 22, 2018clubwest


How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Ear Infections When most people think of chiropractic care, they usually think of the benefits that can have for back pain and neck pain. While chiropractic care can be one of the best treatments for pain in the neck or back, it can be applied ... Read More
May 25, 2018clubwest


How a Chiropractor Can Help With Your High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a very common problem, and it is a contributing factor in many deaths. According to the CDC, about 75 million Americans have high blood pressure, and only about 54% have their hypertension under control. Hypertension is a serious ... Read More
April 15, 2018clubwest


How a Chiropractor Can Help With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the most common repetitive stress injuries. For people who are experiencing CTS will feel pain and distress. In most cases, repetitive use of the hands and wrists is the cause of a carpal tunnel syndrome, ... Read More
March 27, 2018clubwest


Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Weightlifters Chiropractic care can offer a wide range of benefits for any individual. However, athletes are among the groups that can benefit the most from chiropractic treatment. Athletes need their bodies to be in optimal condition to ensure the best performance and they have to protect ... Read More
February 16, 2018clubwest


While chiropractors may use a range of different treatments to provide patient care, there is one particular technique that most people associate with chiropractic medicine. This is the practice of performing adjustments to the spine and back. With a spinal adjustment, the chiropractor works to restore the proper alignment of the ... Read More
December 18, 2017clubwest