Massage Services & Pricing

Are you looking to get a professional massage? Club West Chiropractic now offers different massage therapy services. Check out our services and prices below!

Massage Therapy Services & Prices With Angie

  • Swedish 60 min massage $75
  • Swedish 90 min massage $114
  • Lymphatic Drainage massage (60 min) $95
  • Detox massage & foot soak (90 min) $150
  • Post-partum pelvic floor rehab (60 min) $95
  • ASMR exfoliation massage (90 min) $150
  • Guided Meditation Massage (60 min) $95

Angie’s Hours

The hours we have available are Tuesday, Thursday 11:30am-7:30, Wed 6:30pm-7:30 and Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm. . Please call, text or email to book an appointment before they fill up.

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Insurance and Payment

Some insurance companies, Health Savings Accounts, and Flex Spending Accounts will cover massage therapy when ordered by a physician. At Club West Chiropractic of Blaine, MN, we help to make sure you maximize your insurance benefits. Our staff will run your insurance benefits prior to your massage and will explain your benefits to you in detail. Please keep in mind, that no benefits are guaranteed until the claims are processed. If you want to know for certain whether or not your massage therapy is covered, you will have to call and verify with your insurance company.