Acupuncture for PMS and PCOS

At Club West Chiropractic in Blaine, you will find you acupuncturist has done extensive training in Chinese Medicine as well as chiropractic to give you the best well rounded treatment in regards to women’s health.

We offer treatments using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which include acupuncture, cupping, supplementation, dietary changes, moxibustion, and more. Through these treatments we are able to balance the energy pathways in your body, regulate your menstrual cycle, and curb PMS symptoms.

Our warm, professional, individualized treatments can help:

  • Restore irregular or absent periods
  • Even out long cycles, short cycles and heavy bleeding
  • Treat headache, cramps and painful periods
  • Decrease bloating, and acne
  • Help manage anxiety and mood swings
  • Help with infertility

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