Neck Pain

Do you suffer from neck pain? Do you have difficultly turning your head to check your blind spots while driving? Do you experience frequent headaches? Neck conditions are often times the source of most headaches. Neck pain is one of the most common symptoms treated by chiropractors. Neck pain may be a result of poor posture, degenerative disc disease, vertebral subluxations, trauma related accidents such as car accidents and more. Chiropractic has been proven to be more beneficial than pain medication and home exercises in the treatment of neck pain. Check out the study below.

Click here to watch a YouTube video by ABC News about Neck Pain and Chiropractic Outcomes

A study called “Spinal Manipulation, Medication, or Home Exercise With Advice for Acute and Subacute Neck Pain: A Randomized Trial” was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2012.

Study Re-Cap

272 people with neck pain participated in the study for 12 weeks, one group got prescription medication, one group got an exercise routine, and one group got manipulative therapy (also known as chiropractic adjustments).

The results of the study were astonishing

After the 12 week period only 13% of the patients being treated with pain medication reported that they had no pain. 30% of patients doing home exercises reported no pain, and 32% of patients receiving chiropractic care reported no pain. The study did not test to see what the outcomes would have been for those who were treated with a combination of home exercise and chiropractic treatment. If both methods decreased pain by 30% independently; imagine how high the results would be if the treatments were combined. At Club West Chiropractic in Blaine, MN we use manipulative therapy (chiropractic adjustments) and other therapies such as home exercises simultaneously to ensure you get the best care possible.