Dr. Samantha Rothbauer

Hi! I’m Dr. Sam. I specialize in treating families, pre and postnatal women, and pediatrics. My favorite conditions to treat are disc herniations, headaches, TMJ, shoulder pain, hip pain, and general back pain.

I was introduced to chiropractic in childhood. My parents frequently used chiropractic as a means to care for many of our health conditions as an alternative to western medicine. Being a 3 seasoned athlete, I saw myself in the office frequently and eventually started working for the office where I dove deep into nutrition, kinesiology, and chiropractic. I soon realized that this was the perfect fit for my bubbly and eccentric personality. My goal is to help my patients achieve ultimate homeostasis physically, mentally, and spiritually. Everybody is different and care is not universal; I want to help my patients discover the best route to the best life. Dr. Sam grew up in East Central Minnesota. She attended Northwestern Health Sciences University where she attained an undergraduate degree in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic.

When not with patients, Dr. Sam is a frequent concert attendee and loves to spend her time snowboarding, bouldering, camping, reading, and hitting the gym. Her and her husband Mike have a daughter named Pierson and two dogs named Frank and Klara.

Dr. Sam specializes in treating disc injuries/conditions, pre and post surgical rehabilitation, TMJ syndrome and vertigo using chiropractic and physiotherapy.

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