Dr. Samantha Rothbauer

Meet Dr. Sam: Your Partner in Holistic Wellness
Welcome to the vibrant world of Dr. Sam, your go-to chiropractor for a holistic approach
to health and wellness. Specializing in an array of conditions and demographics, Dr.
Sam’s expertise shines brightest in sports rehabilitation, acute trauma and injury
management (including disc herniations), pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, extremity
disorders, TMJ, and cervical conditions.
A Passion Ignited in Childhood
Dr. Sam’s journey into chiropractic care began in childhood, where the positive impact of
chiropractic treatments on her family’s health left an indelible mark. As a three-
seasoned athlete, she found herself frequently in chiropractic offices, eventually leading
her to work in a chiropractic clinic. Here, she immersed herself in the realms of nutrition,
kinesiology, and chiropractic, discovering her calling in helping others find balance and
Championing Individualized Care
Driven by her bubbly and eccentric personality, Dr. Sam is committed to guiding her
patients towards ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual homeostasis. Recognizing that
every individual is unique, she believes in tailoring care to each patient’s specific needs,
ensuring they embark on their journey to the best version of themselves.
Educational Background
Hailing from East Central Minnesota, Dr. Sam pursued her academic journey at
Northwestern Health Sciences University. There, she earned her undergraduate degree
in Human Biology and subsequently attained her doctorate in Chiropractic, laying a solid
foundation for her professional endeavors.
Beyond the Clinic Walls
When not passionately caring for her patients, Dr. Sam can be found immersing herself
in the vibrant energy of live concerts or indulging in her favorite adrenaline-pumping
activities like snowboarding and bouldering. An advocate for a balanced lifestyle, she
dedicates time to her fitness regimen and unwinds with enriching reads. At home, she
cherishes moments with her husband Mike, their daughter Pierson, and their beloved
canine companions, Frank and Klara.
Join Dr. Sam’s Journey to Wellness
Embrace holistic wellness and embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Sam.
Whether you’re recovering from an injury, seeking relief from discomfort, or striving for
optimal health, Dr. Sam is here to guide you towards a life of vitality and well-being.

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